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2010 South Africa

In 2010 Gymtastics Play-it-Forward traveled to South Africa to help set up a sports program at the Sikelela E.V.I.G.Orphanage School in Kwa-Zulu Natal. This project was offered to over 140 children attending ECS to Grade 7.

The fundraiser was a huge success, thanks to all that supported this project.  Over $6,500 was raised for the Orphanage school in South Africa.

We were able to purchase all basic sports equipment needed for the schools. Everything from balls to mats, soccer, volleyball and basketball (Net ball) supplies and equipment was given to the school. Music, small equipment, beams, planks, tires, balloons, skipping ropes, beanbags, hula hoops were also provided. The teachers were given teaching material and education supplies. Prizes, gifts, candy, treats, certificates, ribbons and awards were also given as motivational tools for this program.

The children and teachers were given instructional information, visual aids, charts, activity picture cards, guidelines, outlines and information books.  Each day a new sport or activity was taught.  This information is now going to be shared with the government board of education in Africa so that other underprivileged schools can benefit from the Play-it-Forward sports program.  They are using the Orphanage School "Sikelela" as the sample and example to follow.

We were very fortunate to be able to donate the remaining funds of $1,200 to the school for School uniforms and to aid those children that needed financial support to survive.

It was a perfect time to go to South Africa to set up this sports & games physical education program as the World Cup Soccer Championship was soon to begin. The excitement about sport in the country was contagious.

A Big "Thank you"  from the children and teachers in the School!

Words from the Children, Parents, Teachers and Educators of Sikelela school: "We will miss you!" , "You are Special", "You are a Star", "Thank you for teaching new techniques and broadening our knowledge", "It was a pleasure having you in our country, we now have friends in Canada", "We have learned so much, from you we have learnt a spirit of oneness, a spirit of sharing, a spirit of helpfulness and most of all a spirit of perseverance and yes aspirit of LOVE."

God Bless you All! Viva South Africa!   Viva Sikelela School!  Viva Canada!


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