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2020 Cambodia Project - Bridge of Hope

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Day ONE:

Monday Feb. 3, 2020.... started with giving-out the colored team t-shirts with name tags. We could feel the excitement building in the children and teachers. The activities were gymnastics and parachute games, along with warm-up and yoga. It was apparent they had never played with a parachute before....the laughter and their amazement was infectious. We started to develop relationships with so many of these amazing little souls. They love to be hugged and cuddled. As do we. Our charity lead Darlene also did a session with all the teachers and teacher assistants to ensure this project will continue to Play-it-Forward.

Day TWO:

Tuesday Feb. 4, 2020.... was hula hoops, skipping ropes and an obstacle course. We did letter shapes with our bodies and shaked and moved to fun beats. Cheers and laughter filled the air. “ 1–2 Ready yet? 1–2 You bet!! 1–2 Poipet!! “ And... After our time at Bridge Of Hope, we went and visited a village, where some of the children we taught live. We left a little lost for words, but also confirming how we brought light into the lives of children of this village. When we would run into a child or group of children from the center in their village, they ran to us with hugs and smiles as wide as you can imagine. They also repeated songs they had learned with us... which shows our love and attention will stay with them for a long time to come.


Wednesday Feb. 5, 2020... was beanbags and balls day. The children especially loved target practice with the bean bags. We noticed they were getting better with their instruction and balance. It was fun to see the positive changes! Many were initiating singing songs with us, and certainly going-in for hugs with us all day long. They know how to say “I love you” in English and love when we say it back.


Thursday Feb. 6, 2020... was soccer ball drills and ropes. Think limbo and tug-o-wars. The competition of tug-o-war is timeless and ageless. From the wee ones to the teachers we all screamed with excitement!


Friday Feb. 7, 2020...“Winner winner chicken dinner”! Final day. Sports competitions and awards. From relay and rice sack races to obstacle courses. We had a full day of cheering and enthusiasm.

We were blessed with a performance by some of the older students of a traditional Cambodian dance. It was breathtakingly beautiful and filled our hearts.