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2018 Project Tekera, Masaka District

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

We at Play-it-Forward are so much more than Sports and Games. Our projects are sustainable to keep 'playing-it-forward' long after we are gone. For project Uganda we commissioned local companies for equipment and supplies in the community of Masaka District including sports-wear, sports equipment and hearty meals and daily snacks; which were provided for the children and teachers. We brought from Canada, thousands of dollars worth of sports-equipment, program materials, as-well-as educational manuals and all the training tools needed to run and teach a sustainable physical education program.

We are proud to boast that most importantly, our project brought light, energy and smiles to the children, teachers and surrounding community. The new sports program at Tekera is the 'buzz' in the community and has raised the bar for children's education in the area.

There were so many children affected by our program, yet so many in the area can't afford to attend school. They watched on the side-lines wanting to join-in. Our volunteers felt the need to take this project one step further and inquired how we could include these children in some of our activities.

Our team came together and personally sponsored 8 children to attend and enroll in the school.

We are so excited to share our story and we hope learning about this project touches your hearts the way the children at Tekera touched ours. None of this could have been done without the support of our sponsors, donors, volunteers and friends back home.


We have received an updated from Tekera school. Principal Alice has wrote to us and we had to share it with you!

"In the mornings we have a student parade and warm-up for lessons. Instructors (teachers) take-turns doing different activities with the children. This has not only pushed the children to be at school on-time but also has made them love studies at Tekera.

The instructors have taken the skills given to them by Play-it-Forward and developed a physical education lesson plan for Tekera. This lesson plan helps to develop different abilities among the children in a balanced manner i.e. physical, mental, social and emotional. The lesson plan is designed to help with time-management and individual differentiation and specialization as different instructors are talented differently. Each team 'colour' (i.e. red, blue, yellow, green) has a lead instructor that is training children to take on responsibility of planning, instructing and developing the different aspects of child development; thus imparting leadership skills and sustainablity of the program.

A lesson on how to handle/respect all of the equipment given to Tekera has been conducted by the instructors and administration. Therefore the school predicts a longer stay of the equipment as we think hard of a proper storage room.

Big hug to Darlene, volunteers and the people who contributed towards bringing PLAY-IT-FORWARD to Tekera Primary School."


For our volunteers it was incredible to work with children that have so much respect, appreciation and attentiveness; there wasn't one child that didn't gain from our project and we truly believe that these children changed our lives just as much as we changed theirs.

We were overwhelmed with the thank-you's we received from the children and teachers at Tekera Primary School.


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