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2024 - Project Uganda

Updated: May 8

Day One

Day one began with us barely being able to get in through the school gates as dozens of children came running towards us even before we were out of the van. There were hugs and high-fives galore! Staff had to finally keep the children back so we could get set up for a day of sport and play. And gosh did we play! Each day begins with some warm-up songs and movements. It’s funny how the Macarena is enjoyed worldwide! We did some ball handling skills, bean bag toss games (where Coach Levi became a walking target for them), gymnastics and our amazing parachute! It is incredible to watch the children giggle and scream with glee while they play with this giant canopy of colour! We end each day with some yoga poses and deep breathing to quiet ourselves down, and we also reflect on all the fun that was had. We all finished our first days plenty exhausted but with huge smiles and full hearts. Kids, teachers and coaches! This didn’t however, deter the children and most of our coaches from getting down to some incredible African music at the end of the day. Coach Chloe and Coach Annecy have captured all the kids’ attention, but especially the teens… all showing each other equally fun moves. Nutritious treat/snack…bananas/pineapple


DAY 3/4 March 13-14 Ball handling. Soccer. Skipping jumping. Hula hoops. Long rope (tug-o-war and limbo) 

Children in Uganda seem to love their football and basketball play. Well, any ball play actually. We did some soccer skills and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all. They were also pretty proficient at skipping rope. The students were all very excited about using a proper skipping rope, as they usually practice with weaved banana leaves. Hula Hoops and Tug-o-War were definitely the favorites of the day. So much fun was had cheering on their coloured team, of either blue, orange, green or yellow. “We are team colour yellow…”. Adding a little limbo …was the icing on the cake. On Day 4, we included the older youth helpers even more in our sport and play, which was such a joy to watch. After the school day, we were guided on 

a walk through the village where many of the children live. Our eyes and hearts were forever opened… leaving us feeling so, so very blessed. The nutritious treat of the day was sugar cane!


Day 5 : Sports Day

Day 5 was a wind-up Sports day with a Special nutritious lunch that included rice and vegetables. Our day was filled with fast-paced, competitive sport and play. It included an obstacle course, relay races, sack races and more. Closing ceremonies included school dignitaries, staff, youth leaders and the children. Each receiving a medal, certificate and a back sac filled with goodies. We were gifted handwritten letters and the sweet sound of their voices… singing for us their school anthem. It was very emotional! But more emotions were yet to come as we said our goodbyes. It was hard to leave and we definitely left a piece of our hearts behind at the school. To end off an already amazing day, we had a beautiful dinner with our hosts at their home and the deputy Mayor of Ibanda.


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