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Play-it-Forward Projects: Community In Need Project May 2020

Play-it-Forward Projects put together 43 play kits for the Manchester Community in Calgary. Each kit was filled with fun sport and play items including balls, skipping rope, Play-it-Forward T-shirt, water bottle, instruction play booklet, beach ball and info pamphlet of our mission to promote sport and play.

We also had the pleasure of teaming-up with Village Ice Cream (Calgary) who donated 100 ice cream cups to the Manchester Community. Village Ice Cream helped us to deliver smiles and fun during the hard times of a pandemic.

Although Play-it-Forward only personally handed-out a few play kits to the children, because of the social distancing safety concerns, we know that the remaining play kits were hand delivered to the 43 children in the community on our behalf. The families we reached received their gift of kindness and tasty treat, just in time for a lift to Mother’s and of course Father's helping to keep their children entertained and "playing-it-forward" in their community.  

We want to thank Stephanie Grant the community social worker who helped us organize the curb side drop off to this Calgary low income community. 

A little about Manchester Community:

The Manchester Community Group has approximately 23 members, including residents and community stakeholders. The Manchester Community group works closely with The City of Calgary, as well as, the Ward 9 Councillor’s Office to make the Manchester community a better place to live, work, and play. The Manchester Community Group focuses on building connections in the community and has facilitated numerous community celebrations (i.e. served Thanksgiving dinner to 265 residents) and was responsible for the installation of the community playground.

The objectives of the Manchester Community Groups are to support the Manchester community and to:

• Represent the best interests of the community around issues of food security, safety, accessibility, family supports, planning and development issues (advocacy for the community).

• Promote recreational, cultural and social programs.

• Develop and maintain community vitality.


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