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2014 Calgary Summer Camp

The Gymtastics Play-It-Forward Projects Summer Camp was a hit. The local event occurred at the north Gymtastics Gym Club where 59 children, 25 volunteers and 11 gymnastics coaches from across the city participated in 25 activities every single day for three days.

The Summer Camp was a whirlwind of creativity, play, fun, food, and friendships. This year marked the 3rd Gymtastics Play-it-Forward Projects Summer Camp in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

The Play-It-Forward team, volunteers, and sponsors helped to make the Summer Camp a reality. The spirit of all who participated made Summer Camp an experience we will never forget.

Physical Activity is a Catalyst that Ignites the Spirit! When asked about the best part of the Summer Camp, Darlene Fedyna, Founder of Gymtastics Play-it-Forward Projects, said “we left the kids with full bellies of happiness!” We had every minute of the 3 day camp scheduled with gymnastics instruction, dance, games, arts & crafts, tug-O-war, ball sport basics and special team activities. The children and volunteers were fed through the generous donations from the community. It was an exciting 3 day event packed with fun and fitness for all.

The children that participated knew very quickly that the Gymtastics Play-it-Forward projects summer camp was a place that they were welcome and that everyone belonged. With structured play activities we were teaching children about team play, cooperation and collaboration, about supporting one another and cheering each other on.

Gymtastics Play-It-Forward Projects is so much more than physical play, it’s teaching one another how to be better people. That’s what Gymtastics Play-It-Forward Projects is all about. The children and volunteers were encouraged to keep being active with the games and activities taught throughout the camp spreading the joy and leaving a sustainable impact spreading the word sharing the story of the benefits of play and sports.

As the Gymtastics Play-It-Forward Projects Summer Camp wrapped up, all 59 participating children received a games kit including balls, yoga mats, toys and skipping ropes, so that they can play with their siblings, families and neighbors. The kit ensures that the children will have the tools to continue to learn, play and grow. Gymtastics Play-it-Forward Projects believes that every child should have the opportunity to grow through sport and play.


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